• Due diligence analysis of Parties' risk exposure prior to signing any design and construction contract
  • Verification of Project data supplied for Tender preparation including quantitative checks and verification of compliance of site conditions with tender documentation using modern land survey techniques and software
  • Providing proper knowledge of Parties' contractual obligations to project staff through regular training directly on the Project Site
  • Preparation in real time of key contractual correspondence in accordance with the Contract terms directly on the Project Site
  • Our costs are fully transparent and are based on agreed monthly or daily rates of our contract specialists employed to manage the Project
  • Our costs are usually marginal in comparison to the total project costs and are usually fully recovered through the successful payment of claims and change orders and effective claim defence as well as by defence against payment of penalties.
  • Preparation of documentation for the purpose of conducting contractual disputes in front of the Dispute Board, Court of Arbitration or a common court
  • Preparation of forensic (retrospective) analyses for the proposes of continuing claims and disputes


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